About Frels®

Aiming at high performance and quality, extensive research was undertaken to determine the most appropriate materials concerning flexibility, heat resistance, oil resistance, grip, sensorial property, safety.

Intensive testing ensured that Frels do not compromise the use of your glasses, remain comfortable at all times and guarantee a safe skin contact. Usability was an important issue throughout the development process: Frels can be easily attached, removed and reattached to the temples of your eyeglasses.

To give birth to Frels, some of the most qualified companies have been engaged.
Design Strategy: Alskar
Technical development and production: Biwi

+ About us

Frel Solutions is an independently owned and operated Swiss startup company. We focus on developing high-quality products that make everyday life easier, rooted in effective design principles.

To begin with, we reimagined the eyewear holders: Frels are catchy universal temple extenders which allow glasses to be stored around the neck and always be at hand.

The very heart of everything we do at Frel Solutions are our company values which drive our choices, business decisions, attitude and work relationships:

  • make peoples' lives easier
  • be honest and accountable
  • communicate openly and honestly
  • work and live in a sustainable manner
  • be passionate
  • ... and give back

The story behind Frels®

Ever since Frel Solutions’ founder Francesca Melera started wearing reading glasses, she wanted to find a solution to the annoying problem of continually having to take them off and put them on again. Like many people, she used them for near tasks. Yet finding her glasses every time she needed them was irritating because they were rarely at hand.

Inspired by the well-known saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”, Francesca came up with her Frels idea and discussed it with friends, who where so enthusiastic about it they decided to finance the project. After two years of dedicated work, these unique extensions for glasses are now available.

Frel Solutions is involved in giving back a percentage of profits to the community, making Francesca’s wishes come true.

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